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The education system and reservation prefer justice or inequality?

Reservation is blessing or sin for the country?

Article 14 says that “All the citizens are equal before the law” and article 15(1) no person shall be discriminated against on the ground of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth article 15(4) says artcle15 shall not prevent state for making special provision for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes or SC and ST. SC and ST and minority classes are provided special provision then isn’t it contradictory to article 14. According to Indian law, the reservation has been introducing in the country to promote social justice and no discrimination against any person based on backwardness and have equal opportunities but it is snatching the opportunity from the general category.

I experienced that my opportunity has been snatched from me due to this system. I belong to the general category and aimed to study in highly reputed colleges of the country. I was appearing for the SLAT examination. One day all my batch mates were gathered and having fun together, and discussing various factors based on examination. We were discussing the criteria to get selected for SLAT and discussing the percentage that we should score to clear the examination. Suddenly I noticed that one of my friends seems to be chill and enjoying such a topic, out of curiosity I asked aren’t you worried about the examination. She answers with utmost confidence that ‘I am no worried I am selected already’. Everyone present over there was shock and asked how? She replied serenely that she belongs to the SC category and it is easy to clear the cut-off as the cut-off is not so high for them due to reservation. And the same thing happens I score 80+ marks in the examination and she scored below 60 and she is currently studying in the same college where I dreamed to study. She neither didn’t study nor have priority to that college. Then why she was the one to get not me.

This clearly shows reservation killed the talent and snatches the opportunity from the one who deserves it. The education system in India focuses on theoretical learning rather than practical learning. I don’t feel that a reservation is needed in the country. Reservation has been given to promoted social justice but it has taken an ugly turn. Not only in the education system, jobs, and any opportunity, SC and ST have special provisions. If one has a reservation in the education system then why they need to have reservations in jobs. The deserving one is left unemployed and the one has a reservation whether the person is capable or not. Education is depending upon capability, knowledge, and skills. Not upon the caste and religion of the person. Reservation may not impact the extraordinary student but what about the ordinary student. Every student can not be extraordinary. It kills the opportunity for ordinary students. Reservation in the country is based upon caste and religion whereas it should be based on finical bases.

The government can introduce schemes to lower the cost of colleges for these students but selection based on caste is pointless. People belong to these community misuses this provision. Several students suicide because their opportunity has been given to someone who doesn’t deserve it. It is a pestering virus that is holding the political leaders and the constitution of India. Every citizen in this country has a problem bitch reservation but not those who belong to these communities as they enjoy the additional privilege. No reaction is from the backward community as they have access to huge posts because they belong to the backward community. The sad reality is that increased corruption has increased the suffering of the general and middle-class people. Not even a single scheme is introduced by the government for the middle class. Even the middle class is not even considered by the government as one is getting a job based on a fake certificate and others who are incapable and unable are getting the opportunity, admission, and jobs. Those who are eligible are either working below their level or just end their lives considering them useless. One who gets 90% working under 40% this is today's reality and we think that our country will grow but sorry to say this only pulls the country backward.

Why government is not making amendments in the constitution is it the issue of votes?

Education should be served to all. Every citizen has the right to education under Article 21. And an eligible person lags because the chance to accomplish his dreams has gone to a reserved person or the one who belongs to that category and not suitable for it. It is difficult to digest. Reservation weakens the roots of the country. It is also responsible for brain drain.

Reservation is the whole and sole reason for brain drain in the country. As reservation is based upon the caste system in every field in the country from education to government job. Due to which one doesn’t have the opportunity to access a good institute. For example, as in CAT cut-off for SC & ST are 38 percentile, and reserved the seats for them quite high. So, the one who belongs to the general category will have fewer seats to get into decent institutions. It is a zero-sum game loss of one ends up to a profit for someone else. so, the person either end up committing suicide or exploring the opportunity in a foreign land to earn their living. They may work under the one who might not be eligible but to earn his living the one has to work. If the one is capable to study in a foreign university where they get a better opportunity to explore and get job opportunities in foreign countries. They will surely settle there and never vow to come back. So, in such a way reservation affects brain drain.

It can be concluded reservation is roots that pulling the country backward by not allowing to access the opportunity to deserving one. It also fuels the brain drain in the country as the one who has resources but cannot explore the opportunities n the country will seek in the forging country. Brain drain is a serious threat to the development of the country. Numbers of students end up in their lives due to reservation. The government should amend the structure of reservation. The one should get proper opportunities and the reservation must not be based on the caste system because it is not the fault of a person who is born in the general category or SC & ST category. Reservation should be based on financial bases and the seats in jobs should not be reserved for anyone as the one has the opportunity to access a decent college. It will help to nourish the roots of the society and by providing reservation the government is not promoting social justice but creating a barrier between the castes and it also snatches the opportunity from the one who can serve the country with his heart and soul. It is a serious concern for the present.

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