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Crime against Children

Crime against children since last few years have been grow rapidly due to which children treated very badly earlier in there age they need to suffer because of it . however, they not able to understand what is happening with them they become victim of child labour, sexual assault , mentally assault because of it they lose they childhood and their happiness they become victim of the people . In this age they should study and enjoy their childhood they need to suffer because of the person having criminal mind. People treated them badly rather than help or protect them. We says the children are the future of this country but why they need to suffer at this earlier age of their life they don’t have any idea what is happening with them. At age in which they need to study or enjoy their children at that age they get married it is also an offences according to law the legal age of men to be married is 21 years and for girls 18 years before that age if any person got married the marriage will be void and punishment would be their . They get victim of sexual harassment and physical assault even their mental health suffer also. People kidnap the children for money or for child trafficking too.

Offences and Punishments

The offences against child give an impact on child physically mentally weak as well as sometime they doesn’t what is happening with them. Due to the personal having a criminal mind and intention to commit such a crime target the child and create impact on child mentally more than physical. As the law are made for protection of child from this crime.

· Kidnapping- There are various categories of kidnapping as mention below –

· Kidnapping for ransom – A child kidnap so that kidnapper can extort some money from the guardians

· For illegal adoption – sometime children are kidnapped and sold to adoption agencies result to illegal adoption of such children.

· Punishment – whosever kidnap or abducting child will be punish for 10 year according to section 369 of IPC.

· Sexual harassment of child – it include selling of child, child pornography and child rape these offences are include in sexual harassment . It harm a child physically as well as mentally.

· Punishment of sexual harassment – Whosever commit this offences will punish for 10 years it can be extended to life imprisonment.

· Child marriage – A child marriage means a person who is less than 18 years (female) in male 21 years . Whosever does this act would be liable for punishment of 3 months and also liable for fine.

· Child Labour - The child less 14 years working in factories or doing any household work Rs 50000.

A way forward to protect children

Now days whereas NGO are made that help us to protect children against crime so that they don’t become the victim of any person they help them fight against so that future of children does not affect they enjoy their childhood they follow proper law and also help the children mental health too. NGO follow the guideline of law and they help the people so that children doesn’t become victim of culprit.


As we seen above the punishment as well as offence against children. As who crime impact on child physically and mentally both so the government and court make a decision and make law for the protection of child from such offences so that a child enjoy there life enjoyable and freedom as well as their childhood. Even step taken by the NGO so that children doesn’t become the victim of people so they enjoy their childhood.

- Shivansh Narula

Fairfield institute of management and technology

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